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Wow, Janice, you amaze me! I had so much fun being the recipient of your creative vision, getting pampered, and getting out of my shell! These images are simply enchanting, whimsical, and captivating - thank you for the special day! -Adria

Thank you!!!

I am still amazed at all of your setup and effort that went forth for me! You are amazing and truly have a gift. -Michelle

Simply Beautiful

I never felt more comfortable at a photo shoot! Janice and her glam team were all very professional, warm and welcoming. I felt like it was all about me during the time of my shoot with her and even left feeling like I was on cloud 9. Who wouldn't want to leave a photo shoot feeling that way! Thank you Janice. I had an amazing time. -Waschika

Highly Recommend!

I absolutely love Janice 's work! She made me feel so relaxed and comfortable during my session that I just know I have to bring my entire family back to her. I highly recommend her. -Tracie

Getting Pampered

I had the most fun getting pampered and dolled-up with some classy and fun women. The whole thing was a treat for this mom of 4. The session was very professional but personal at the same time. Overall an amazing experience with some gifted women. -Leah

A Princess!

Janice is absolutely amazing. Her eye for makeup and photography is spectacular. She did my makeup and a quick photo shoot for me and made me feel like a princess. -Natalie


I have never met a photographer that was able to take pictures in a crowded hotel room and make me feel like it was just the two of us. Janice was able to capture something I didn't even know I had. She's personable, energetic, and just simply amazing. Made the experience completely effortless. Thank you Janice for capturing my essence. Xoxo -Naweh

Natural Touch

I had my very own photo shoot and her professionalism, expertise and natural touch brings so much life to the human art of life's moments. I was so pleased with my portraits. Highly recommended!- Marie

I love everything!

I love everything about working with Janice, but one of the best parts was that she taught me how to pose. I tend to be a wall flower type, so I really appreciated her coaching on presenting myself well! Plus she made me feel comfortable in front of a camera, which is quite a feat, y'all! Can't recommend her enough!