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Frequent Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions


What is Modern Portraiture?

Portrait Photography has changed so much over the years. It has become more Vanity Fair Style than the old style sitting portrait or even the 80’s glamour portrait. Now, it is more like a full styling magazine sitting session. It’s the hair & makeup, celebrity style and styled clothes. It’s absolutely incredible…

I have professional makeup artists that work with me. You bring in 5 outfits for your shoot and we will help style those. You also have access to our wardrobe closet or we can even make and design your gowns for the shoot.  Yes, I craft, I make headpieces, skirts and anything that will go with your theme. I design the shoot that YOU want. Whatever it is that you can think of,  I can create it for you.  


Can you still help me, I feel overweight and think I need to loose a few pounds?

 Absolutely, I am so good with hiding up to at least 20 lbs, by just posing alone! I know how to shape you and move your body down to the last finger in order to get the portraits you will love.


Do you think I am “Photogenic” enough for this type of shoot?

There is no such thing as photogenic! I know because I have seen it for years and years.  I realize when people really light up in front of the camera, it’s because they feel comfortable…and that’s my job.  Your job is NOT to be photogenic, my job is to photograph you in the most beautiful way that I can. I want to gain your trust so you can see what I see. I know what “joy” looks like and I want to capture it in you.


Can I bring another person to be photographed as well?

Of course, they definitely can be included without an additional session fee!! You can do this with your best friend, your hubby and your family. You can even make it a generational shoot with grandma, mom and daughter-where the boys show up later.  There are just so many options. The best part is that you will all be made over and can go out for a night on the town afterwards.


Do you photograph men?

I do! Men, in all industries, need stylish and powerful branding portraits, as well, to use with their Linked In, Corporate Pages and online profiles.  I work with men to achieve a distinguishing look to bring out a strong, trustworthy looking portrait for their employers and future clients.


What is the difference between your Headshots, Personal Branding and Themed Sessions?

Fantastic, great question.  Here are the differences:


Headshot Session:                             30-45 mins

My traditional Headshots include Basic Blemish control makeup, 1 outfit.


Personal Branding Session:          2.5 hours

My personal branding sessions are basically the modern day headshot. So many people want incredible corporate profiles for Linked In, About Pages, and for their overall web presence. I photograph Authors, Writers, Lawyers and every type of professional. The average modern day corporate headshot is super styled and incredible.   Think about what you will need your image for and let’s create an image that is exactly right for your brand.  Your session includes a 1 hour style consultation, a few weeks prior to your shoot.


Themed Sessions:                           4-5 hours

My themed sessions are full on Vanity Fair or Vogue magazine style glamour.  It is whatever you want. This is how YOU dream of being photographed.  This session includes 3 consultations and a team of Hair and Makeup Artists that will take you to whatever level of glam that you want to be.

You know when you are most afraid of doing something, its pretty exciting to challenge yourself to do it.  I challenge you to sit in front of my camera and to give me the opportunity to see what I can see but, more importantly, what others can see when they look at you.

This would also be the session that you would include your spouse, family or girlfriends.  The men would come towards the last 45 minutes of your session.


How much does this cost?

My sitting fee $300. This includes all consultations, personal preparation guides, styling, hair & makeup, access to our wardrobe closet and the full photo shoot. 

Days later, at your REVEAL session, you will look at your portraits and what you like, you buy.  No obligation.

My images start at $160 and go up from there. I design packages but, the truth of the matter is, you will not make that final decision until your see your portraits. What you buy is entirely up to you. My job is to the most amazing portraits of you that you will love, so that you will want them all!


Do you have Gift vouchers or Online Family & Friends Installments? 

Absolutely! We have beautiful gift vouchers that you can purchase directly online or in person.  

Family & Friends can also make any payments toward your account by using the Gift Voucher tab on my website. Installments or Vouchers can be made increments of $75 and higher.  They only need to indicate, at checkout, your name, phone number, address and email address. The funds will be immediately applied toward their session or package. 

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